Quality translation and innovation. Is it possible?

At BigTranslation we work extremely hard to find the perfect synergy between technology and the quality of human translation.

On the one hand is the instant quote system, which is easy and immediate for the user. It analyses and costs the translation project so that it can then be placed on our translation platform, with its own intelligent system, so it can only be accessed only by the required specialist translators. On the other hand is the arduous work of more than 16,000 native linguists who are registered on our database and who have continuous access to the platform. They include: translators, proofreaders, subtitlers and specialist linguists in numerous fields from website translation and e-commerce to medical and technical translation.

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The localisation of advertising

The dance between translation and marketing

Advertising has developed its own ecosystem around language and, because of this, the translation of advertising has made headway as a specialism. But that’s not all, given its evolution towards new platforms where brands can advertise, the translation process has evolved to become a process of localisation in which the use of images, the cultural and terminological adaptation of the text and the appropriateness of the socio-cultural component of the target language all have a part to play.  

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Winning customers’ hearts on the most digital Valentine’s Day to date

Valentine’s Day, a key date on the e-commerce calendar, is fast approaching. What’s more, it’s set to play by a new set of rules this year. In 2020, both tourism and high street sales were affected by the lockdown and the safety measures against COVID-19. However, this didn’t affect Valentine’s Day as the measures were not generally adopted until the beginning of March. Read more “Winning customers’ hearts on the most digital Valentine’s Day to date”

Summer is up and running, so don’t stop now.

We’re certain that the summer of 2020 is going to be different. Health and safety measures, such as face masks and the use of QR codes, will take centre stage. If we could sum up this summer in just one word, there’s no doubt that it would be ‘communicative’. This might sound strange at first, but we know what we’re talking about. Read more “Summer is up and running, so don’t stop now.”

The terminological legacy of Stonewall 51 years on

On Sunday 28 June we celebrate Gay Pride Day LGBTIQ+, more commonly known as Gay Pride Day. Although due to the current safety measures, this year’s festivities have been relegated to social networks, here at BigTranslation we have decided to make a compilation of the terminology we have inherited in the 51 years since the Stonewall riots.

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