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Translator’s Café

Translator’s Café is a great forum in which both translators, companies and other individuals can participate.  

As a translator, you can register and create a profile according to the services you offer and your language combinations, as well as attaching links to your website or your online professional profile. On this platform, you can find both companies and individuals interested in your services. In addition, you can leave a comment about your experience with them and they can also boost your profile on the platform with a comment about their experience of your services. 

They also have a forum section in which users publish their experiences and doubts about translation. It’s a very insightful section in which you can share your thoughts with others.

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ProZ is the largest network of translators in the world. A network in which, just like in Translator’s Café, you can create a profile and interact with other translators and companies.  

Additionally, ProZ includes a directory of translation companies and groups based on the specializations on your profile. The platform also offers a wide range of courses, articles and different tools that will help you in the billing process, among other things.

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FIT (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs / International Federation of Translators)

It’s an international organization that operates exclusively in French and English. Here you can find translators, interpreters and terminologists, just to mention a few. 

More than 130 professional and educational organisations are associated with FIT, representing more than 85,000 translators in 55 countries.

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Traducir y divertirse (Translate and have fun)

Traducir y divertirse is a Facebook page only available in Spanish in which job offers for translators are published as well as tips on how to effectively get clients whether you are a translator, interpreter or copywriter. It’s aimed at both beginners and those with years of experience.

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It’s a platform of courses on translation, interpreting and their different specializations. On the platform, they argue that specialization is the best way to find your ideal client. This platform also has a forum in which a wide variety of topics is discussed and all users can participate. 

You will find all sorts, from linguistic or terminological questions to tutorials or advice on how to use a specific translation tool.

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