Translation-ready texts: the secret to success

You’ve got a big project, a text that your blood, sweat and tears have gone into, and which works perfectly for your local audience. You’d go as far as to say it’s been a big hit. But, have you thought about how to prepare this text for translation?

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The Valencian Fallas: tradition, satire and art

BigTranslation’s nerve-centre is located in Valencia, a city which is open to the world and which contains many reasons for you to visit. Its festivals, culture, sport and gastronomy are just some of these.
The Fallas stands out among the festivals with its mix of art, satire and tradition.

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Translate your WordPress website with WPML and BigTranslation

Thanks to the collaboration between BigTranslation and WPML, the process is now even simpler. Our integration optimises the work flow and allows you to send your content to be translated and published on your website, without leaving the WordPress platform!

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Black Friday is just around the corner… Is your business ready?

If your ecommerce already sells in other markets, or it’s something you’ve got on the horizon, you know the importance of high-quality translation for your website. Translations carried out by native speakers can be the key to the successful internationalisation of your business.

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Jan Jug, professional Slovenian translator

A love of languages

My name is Jan Jug and I fell in love with languages really early on in my childhood years. That relentless devotion to linguistics brought me to this day, where I am proficient in several languages including English & Slovak, Slovenian being my mother tongue.

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