Don’t come to a halt during the summer, let’s aim for the very best September

We don’t stop in the summer. Here, we carry on providing you the best service that your translation projects require.  Create your order at any time and from anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office or under a parasol on the beach.  

How can we guarantee this type of service with unlimited opening times? 

It’s very simple. We provide an instant quote service which is fast, intuitive and easy to use. A method of configuring your project requirements in simple steps so you don’t have to think about it until the delivery date. You can create your order using the instant quote from anywhere, without any complications or waiting. We remove the endless email trails, the waiting for each reply, any uncertainty about time zones, and we offer a secure and simple method so you can create your order from wherever you are.  

You can select the rate that is best suited to the requirements of your text.  Do you need the text sooner than you expected? Would you like one of our native language translators to carry out an additional proofreading? Do you need to position your content in this new language? You can find all of these services in the extras that you can select when choosing the rate for your project.  

We have clear and secure payment methods. You can choose whether to make your payment through PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.  From this point onwards you can relax while the instant quote and our translation platform work their magic.  

Your project will be generated automatically on our platform where only the translators that are specialists in the subject matter and the sector of your documents will be able to view them and carry out the translation. The work is done under the supervision of our professional team of project managers who will provide guidance to the translators and answer any questions they may have from the start of the translation to the handover of the end result. 

Others stop, but we want to give you the best ‘back to business’ in September, and that means offering you the best service during the summer. If you don’t stop, we won’t either.  

Quality translation and innovation. Is it possible?

At BigTranslation we work extremely hard to find the perfect synergy between technology and the quality of human translation.

On the one hand is the instant quote system, which is easy and immediate for the user. It analyses and costs the translation project so that it can then be placed on our translation platform, with its own intelligent system, so it can only be accessed only by the required specialist translators. On the other hand is the arduous work of more than 16,000 native linguists who are registered on our database and who have continuous access to the platform. They include: translators, proofreaders, subtitlers and specialist linguists in numerous fields from website translation and e-commerce to medical and technical translation.

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Summer is up and running, so don’t stop now.

We’re certain that the summer of 2020 is going to be different. Health and safety measures, such as face masks and the use of QR codes, will take centre stage. If we could sum up this summer in just one word, there’s no doubt that it would be ‘communicative’. This might sound strange at first, but we know what we’re talking about. Read more “Summer is up and running, so don’t stop now.”