Raquel Hurtado, native Spanish translator

A multicultural upbringing

I have always lived in Barcelona, but my parents’ will to make a world citizen out of me, had a large impact on my love for languages. I started learning English, French and German when I was just a child, and a strong friendship was the perfect guide to Italian. There is still room for more knowledge, there always is. When it comes to words, cultures and communication, I just can’t get enough.

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Laura Dixon, native English Translator

My name is Laura.  I’ve always loved languages.  From the day I started learning Spanish at school, I knew I wanted to work in this field.  I studied Spanish and Human Resource Management at the University of Leeds, falling in love with Spain and all things Spanish, especially when I spent my Erasmus year in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid. After graduating I was lucky enough to qualify and work as a teacher of English as a foreign language in Palma de Mallorca.

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Non-native translators? Don’t risk it!

In this age of translation software and quick and easy automated cheats, including the dreaded Google Translate, it is tempting to believe that professional translation services are no longer necessary. Surely technology and modern advances in automated linguistics have rendered human beings unnecessary in this field, right? Wrong!

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Would you learn one of these rare languages?

There has been a surge in interest for language learning in recent years, thanks in part to wide availability of materials and language learning systems made possible by the internet. Not only that but the declining costs in international travel have made it much more realistic than ever before to get out there and immerse oneself in other cultures and languages.

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Should I translate my corporate blog?

Corporate blogs have become an integral part of any marketing strategy in a world where an internet presence has become crucial to success. The only problem is, with so many battling for a piece of the pie, the internet has become glutted with banal, dull content, with one article linking to yet another and without anything particularly interesting to say. With the advent of SEO sensitive content, the unfortunate by-product has been words for the sake of words, and the more the better. Content is produced simply to insert key-words which will hopefully show up high on google rankings.

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How to recognise a good translator

Most of know someone who is adept in speaking more than one language, in some cases we may be fortunate enough to know someone who speaks several and may even be considered a ‘polyglot’. Fluency in multiple languages is always an impressive skill and one which most of us would love to acquire if we could. Some may have been born into a bi-lingual household, or maybe spoke one language at home and another outside in the local community.

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Poor translation: the result of not proofreading

Have you ever read a document, be it a newspaper story, a web page description or an advertisement, and thought to yourself, “boy, this could really have done with some editing!” or worse, “wow, this is a really poor translation!”?  It happens more often than you think, and most of the time, it is not so much a bad translation as the result of the writer not proof-reading their text before they publish it.

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