The best translation agencies in Spain


If you want to know which the best translation agencies in Spain are, you’ve come to the right place. The need for a translation service arises in many areas of business and private activities, from the internationalisation of a brand to a sworn translation for a legal or notarial procedure.

What do the services of a translation agency consist of?

When working with a translation agency, the process tends to be as follows: 

  1. You contact the translation agency to start a project. This project may be a traditional translation, a transcription, subtitling…
  2. Some agencies – such as BigTranslation- offer the option of calculating your translation fee automatically. You will need to provide the file or the text that you want to translate and choose:
    1. The source language and the target language/languages for translation.
    2. The service that you want to contract.
    3. Any extras that you want to include (such as proofreading, or the urgent service option)
  3. If you work with a translation agency that provides an instant quote, the whole process will take place online. You finalise the order and, from that moment, the agency takes over.
  4. The translation agency chooses the translator with the profile that is most suitable to carry out the project, while adhering to the specified timescale.  
  5. Once the work has been completed, you will receive a notification with your translation.

What should you focus on when contracting a translation agency?

There are various important aspects that you should keep in mind when looking for the best translation agency for your business:

  • Translations are not automated: This may sound rather obvious, but it is very important. In order to guarantee the quality of your projects, stay away from automated translations.
  • They only work with native translators: At BigTranslation, for example, we take it one step further: all our translators are native speakers and, they live in the country of their native language. This enables them to grasp all the nuances within your translation.
  • They go beyond the basic translation service: Some of the most sought-after services  that the best translation agencies include are:
    • Translation with SEO optimisation
    •  Website translation
    • Audio and video transcription
    • Sworn translation service
    •  Proofreading and checking of texts
  • They offer economical prices: In particular, if you are looking to establish a collaboration over the medium/long term, ensure that the translation agency you choose offers reasonable prices that allow you to scale up your projects without making unaffordable investments. At BigTranslation, for example, we offer translation tariffs from €0.03/word.

Which are the best translation agencies in Spain?

Now that we have explained what the work of a translation agency consists of, we will move on to a comparison of the best translation agencies in Spain.


BigTranslation is one of the best translation agencies in Spain. This is notable for offering native translations at very economical prices. They have a large community consisting of thousands of translators that are resident in their mother tongue country.

The company emerged from the e-commerce sector due to the need for internationalisation in the digital age. They offer solutions for collaboration in the long-term and for large projects.

What makes BigTranslation different?

  • Native translators: They work exclusively with native translators on their intelligent translation platform, which now has over 17.000 registered users.
  • Tarifas competitivas: BigTranslation ofrece las tarifas de traducción más competitivas, gracias a su plataforma online, que les permite automatizar todos los procesos (¡excepto la traducción!) y reducir costes.
  • Todo tipo de soluciones de traducción: El cliente puede elegir la tarifa que mejor se ajusta a su proyecto de traducción y todos los extras necesarios que necesite, véase: servicio rápido, proofreading o SEO.

Their linguistic solutions provide quality, consistency, time and cost savings. Calculate your translation without obligation.


This translation agency offers various translation services, such as websites and sworn translations, among others. Currently, it has up to 3.000 translators from 90 different nationalities and their offices can be found in various Spanish cities.


This translation agency is notable for its years of service within the sector. It is guided by the premise that language should not pose a barrier for the performance of a brand or of an individual. They offer a wide range of services that are applied to various specialist sectors of the market.

AT | Accurate Translations

With a diverse catalogue of translation services whose description includes their claim to cover all languages and all areas of specialisation for all industries. This translation agency has branches in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Bilbao.


Founded in 1989, through innovation in its processes and the recruitment and training of their teams, they seek to achieve excellence within the sector. This agency has branches in various European cities. They currently have around 5.500 users on their database, among them, translators, localisers and layout editors.


We hope that this list of the best translation agencies in Spain has been useful.

At BigTranslation, we love to see how companies with a desire to grow and expand have reached us. We enjoy the multicultural process that this entails and how many of these companies achieve their objectives. We understand the importance of a quality translation for attracting the public’s attention.

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