Everyone wants to translate their online reviews and comments. Do you know why?

Communicating by word of mouth, sharing a good experience with a brand and their product or service is the oldest kind of organic marketing. Comparing experiences and getting information from the online comments made by other customers continues to be an essential part of the buying process.

So you won’t be surprised if we recommend that you to translate online comments and reviews. As a translation agency, we recommend that you internationalise your customers’ positive words to promote the positive result that this has on the buying process. Let your current customers communicate with your potential customers on an international scale.

Also, if one of your markets is more active with comments than another, you will be able to compensate for the scarcity of comments and reviews by translating them.

At BigTranslation we are seeing an increasing trend in this type of project, and our clients choose human translations to ensure the confidence of their users and their brand image.

Why do we recommend human translation for this task?

We could summarise it with one single reason: the result of a human translation is a text that does not read like it has been translated.

We recommend human translation for your customers’ online comments to give confidence to a user who is reading your customer feedback in order to decide whether or not to complete their purchase.  Given that the online comments on a service may contain various registers and expressions linked to the culture of that language, the human translator is the best choice for carrying out this work.

The user should encounter a source of information that is understandable in their own language, and not waste their time and interest in deciphering a text generated by machine translation. At this time, the service is crucial in order to gain the confidence of a potential customer, because a poorly translated or incomprehensible review may mean user decides not to complete their purchase.

Are you going to allow this to happen to your brand?

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