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The Académie Nationale de Médecine, founded in 1820, published a dictionary comprising a large number of medical terms and it is regularly updated. Each term or concept can be found in French and is followed by the English translation or even in Latin where it exists. Each full article includes a brief definition, a more encyclopaedic commentary, a reference to the author of the original publication and its date, the etymology of the keywords, the synonym(s) and antonyms, and a reference to other related concepts that can be accessed simply by clicking the arrow. 

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Dictionnaire medical is a monolingual online dictionary of medical terms and its purpose is to explain the meaning of certain words in everyday language used by the medical professionals, and only in this context. You can also find a number of commonly used specifically medical terms.  

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Doctisimo is an online dictionary of medical terms that contains entries for each term, developed in depth and containing external links to content related to the definition.  

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