Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Invoicing

How do I get paid for my translations?

You will need to send invoices to BigTranslation for payment for the services provided.

To invoice, you must have returned your contract to us, along with the documentation outlined in the contract.

BigTranslation works with a monthly system that runs from the 25th to 25th of each month. Your invoice must be sent by email to between the 26th and 28th of each month.

The date indicated on the invoice must be the 25th of the month.

BigTranslation will carry out the payment by bank transfer or PayPal within five to ten working days from the 28th of the month.

Do I need to invoice every month? 

Yes, translators must invoice on a monthly basis for the amount corresponding to the previous month’s services. You will see how much you have earned each month in your payment record on the platform. This amount cannot be accumulated or rolled over to subsequent months.

Those amounts on the online platform that have not been invoiced for monthly will not be paid to translator.

The only exception to this is if the translator is established outside of the European Union, and will incur transfer commissions. In this case, an amount of €50 be accumulated on the online platform before it is necessary to invoice for the services provided.

I am not registered as self-employed, how can I invoice?

If you are not registered as self-employed, there are some alternatives that may allow you to work with us and invoice without any problem, such as invoicing via a cooperative or via a company that can invoice on your behalf. If you in any doubt about this, we recommend that you consult a financial advisor/accountant.

If you will be invoicing via a cooperative, their VAT number will appear on the invoice and this should be sufficient for us to be able to process the invoice.

If you are not registered as self-employed because you don’t need to be according to your country’s laws, we will need a document/copy of the regulation that accredits that this is not necessary, along with a copy of your ID document.

What documentation do I need to be able to invoice?

You will need to provide us with supporting documents to accredit that you are registered as self-employed and up-to-date with your tax and Social Security (tax) obligations, in accordance with the legislation in the country in which you are established.

Outside of Spain, within the EU, often what you will have is a VAT or VIES number. However, this depends on the country.

In the case of not having a VAT or VIES number, or not being registered as self-employed as you don´t reach the minimum threshold in your country, we will need a document that accredits that this is not necessary according to the legislation in that country.

If you are any doubt about this, we advise you to check with your accountant or financial adviser before signing the contract or carrying out any work.

I have not received the payment; how can I check that everything is ok?

First of all, please make take another look at your invoice to make sure that all the relevant information is present and correct. We will get in contact with you if you need to change or add anything but we receive a lot of invoices each month and an incorrect invoice may hold up payment.

If your invoice is correct, then please head over to your ‘Payment Record’ on the platform. If the status of the payment for that month is ‘paid’ then you need not worry, this means that the Administration Department has processed your invoice and passed it on to the Finance Department to make the payment. Please be aware that it means that everything is ok and processed, not necessarily that you will have already received the money.


Please remember that, due to the large volume on invoices we receive each month, it may take up to 10 working days from the end of our invoicing period for the payment to be made. It may then take a few days for the transfer to appear in your account.

Please only get in touch if the invoice appears as paid and by the 20th of the following month you have still not received the money in your account.

What about commissions that are charged by banks outside of the EU?

If the translator wishes the transfer to be made to an account located outside the European Union, he/she will be responsible for paying any bank commissions incurred.


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