The most digital summer for your business

We all thought that the summer of 2020 would be the one in which digital activity would soar compared to previous years. However, although there was a significant increase, digital transformation looks set to be even more important in 2021.  

This year, with the possibility of greater movement between countries, many more people are planning their holidays, making reservations, buying what they need for summer, etc., and that’s where we come in! We’ll ensure that the digital internationalisation of your brand is in the capable hands of native translators. 

Experts in translation for the digital world

Experts in tourism translation

In 2020, many tourism businesses devised ways to continue offering the same leisure services to their clients in a safe, digital manner, as well as to improve the services that were already on offer.

At BigTranslation, we have had the opportunity to work with numerous clients in the tourism sector, and this has meant that we have witnessed first hand the changes towards a digital ecosystem which is both intuitive and closely linked to the user.   

Hard copy leaflets, guides and menus have been transformed into QR codes that offer a multilingual view of their services.  Outdoor activities, such as routes or rural tourism, provide digitally-stored complementary information through a team of native translators that bring these experiences to tourists in a safe and user-friendly way. Many companies have also taken advantage of this time to improve the quality of their audio guides and offer new languages to their visitors. 

Virtual tours have become something that people take advantage of to get a feel for future places to visit or explore places that have been closed due to the safety measures. 

New ideas have emerged based on the outdoor measures in place, such as apps to reserve a space on the beach as well as other services for the convenience of their users. So, if you’re still not making the most of these digital options, now is the time to start. 

We guarantee clear communication and user confidence right from the first time that the user comes into contact with the brand. This is the best way to boost international visits to your business, conversion, and satisfaction. 

Website and app translation is a subtle and precise task which brings brand image and user experience into play from the moment a user’s curiosity is aroused right through to the last click in the shopping cart to confirm the purchase.  At BigTranslation, we’re specialists in these types of project. We give them the attention to detail that they require by working with the best native language translators. 

The same is true of the translation of online catalogues. We are aware of the importance of maintaining cohesion and quality of the language at every step taken by a potential customer.  We ensure that the user experience for all your customers is based on trust and approachability in their own native language. 

You will be able to make the most of your best selling summer products on an international scale. Translate your online catalogue and ensure your advertising campaigns have full impact on your audience by using our intelligent system. Our platform provides an instant quote, calculates the volume of the project and the delivery time, and has over 50 language combinations to choose from, as well as the support of a specialist team of professionals within the translation sector. 

We want the very best summer for you and your brand, and we’ll be there with you as you grow, offering you the best quality and service. 

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