Something is happening at BigTranslation!

The BigLibrary is here!

2021 is going to be our year and we want to share it with you and thank all our collaborators who work on the translation platform every day.

As a team made up mostly of linguists and translators, we wanted to create a space entirely for you, to make your work easier. We want to put an end to any doubts, long online searches, and bring together everything you need to make your translation process easier.

This year in 2021, we are very excited to share with you that the BigLibrary is underway.

A space where you can find numerous monolingual and bilingual dictionaries in or from your native language. Divided into specialties and categories. A library that will be constantly updated and for which we would be welcome to any suggestions that you want to send us.

We are working to collect databases, dictionaries, tutorials and even media content such as podcasts, lectures, talks. Everything you need to make your experience as a translator at BigTranslation the best it can be.

No more open tabs in your browser checking different dictionaries and looking for reliable resources. From now on, this is in our hands. We will put everything you need at your disposal, whether it be a means of consultation or the tutorial for that translation software that you still don’t fully understand. 

We are working on a whole range of tutorials that range from computer-assisted translation tools such as trados, to tools for your degree such as AEGISub.

To use this resource, you just need to register with us and your username is active in our translation platform. Once you have registered as a collaborator, you will be able to benefit from all the BigLibrary resources.

Although we are now in the process of creating it,, we will notify you of all the updates regarding this online library, when you will be able to access it and the new sections that we will be adding once it’s here.

Remember the name BigLibrary, because you will soon be able to see it on BigTranslation.

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