Green is the new consumer colour

Vegan, cruelty-free and zero-waste cosmetics are gaining ground over those we already know, both on store shelves and in consumers’ baskets.

Cosmetic products with minimal impact or even no impact on the planet are a growing trend, and this is not limited just to aesthetics. Consumers are now more focused than ever on the labelling of everything they buy. From detergent to paper straws. This is intimately linked to the growing number of people opting for a diet that takes account of its impact on the planet.

Cosmetic brands such as NYX and LUSH took the lead in this area by recycling their packaging and discarding animal testing of their products. Since then, many other brands have already noticed this change in behaviour and many have decided to join this awareness for our planet’s well-being. Entire cosmetics brands now only produce products that have not been tested on animals. Clothing brands have also begun to launch ranges made of biodegradable materials. The big brands have chosen to follow this new consumer trend regarding how and what they wish to consume. 

There’s no doubt that this consumer change represents a great opportunity as a brand to capture the attention of all those potential customers who are interested in a product line that meets these requirements. This is also an excellent opportunity to create a brand campaign that is much more respectful towards the environment and the future of our planet.

These days, issues such as the use of toxic or animal-based ingredients or the impact of the packaging on the environment can make the difference between deciding on one product or another. Because of this, fashion and cosmetics companies are faced with an important question: do I follow this new trend and position myself as a brand? Remember, the magic words for this new generation of consumers are: vegan, cruelty-free and zero-waste.

At BigTranslation we support this shift in consumer motivation towards caring for the planet and reducing pollution. With our 100% online work, we avoid unnecessary consumption of resources such as paper.


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