The localisation of advertising

The dance between translation and marketing

Advertising has developed its own ecosystem around language and, because of this, the translation of advertising has made headway as a specialism. But that’s not all, given its evolution towards new platforms where brands can advertise, the translation process has evolved to become a process of localisation in which the use of images, the cultural and terminological adaptation of the text and the appropriateness of the socio-cultural component of the target language all have a part to play.  

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Winning customers’ hearts on the most digital Valentine’s Day to date

Valentine’s Day, a key date on the e-commerce calendar, is fast approaching. What’s more, it’s set to play by a new set of rules this year. In 2020, both tourism and high street sales were affected by the lockdown and the safety measures against COVID-19. However, this didn’t affect Valentine’s Day as the measures were not generally adopted until the beginning of March. Read more “Winning customers’ hearts on the most digital Valentine’s Day to date”

Get ready for the most online Black Friday in history

Black Friday 2020 is fast approaching and it’s looking like this Black Friday will be characterised by even more online activity than last year. The expectation is that the usual crowds of people filling the shops will be replaced by an avalanche of clicks. One of the main factors behind this prediction is the experience of lockdown and the safety measures still in place.

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Transcription will boost your podcast audience numbers

Do you have a podcast, or are you thinking of creating one?

In either case, you will want to reach the highest number of users that you can.

We’re not telling you anything new when we say that the key to your success lies in positioning. In order for this to happen, providing your content as text is a good strategy for improving the podcast’s natural positioning. Apart from the obvious advantage that, as a text, the content will have additional accessibility. 

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Since you can’t buy love, sell romance

February is the month of love, tokens of affection and romantic getaways.

This month, thousands of couples will visit romantic destinations such as Paris, Rome, New York and Florence to leave padlocks secured on their bridges and affirm their eternal love. This gesture is an emotional commitment to their partner, but also to the experience they share.

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