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BROCARDI legal dictionary is an institution that has been active since 2003, and has over 200,000 lexical entries; without a doubt, an important reference dictionary for the world of Law and legal professions. It includes the Civil Code, the Law of Criminal Procedure, and the Italian Criminal Code, to mention a few. 

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Moreover, VIRGILIO provides an Italian legal dictionary called La legge per tutti: Informazione e consulenza legale. You can find a wide variety of legal terms and, as if that were not enough, each one includes a detailed description and explanation. In addition to these terms, you can find legal institutions as well as Latin formulas used in trials and similar proceedings. 

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In addition to these two legal resources, we recommend a multilingual glossary from legal Italian to Spanish, English and French. It was put together by Riccardo Massari, a renowned corporate lawyer, with the aim to help any professional in the broad field of Law, who knows one of the languages mentioned above, to make it easier to understand legal documents in Italian.  

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