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Blabbing Translators is a YouTube channel with weekly videos in English for freelance translators and interpreters. In the videos, they invite interesting guests to talk about production and interpretation touching on a variety of topics related to the industry. 

Among the topics of their videos, you can find how to be a freelance translator, how to get started, how to translate specialized texts in different fields and other important topics like marketing and SEO. 

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Inside Interpretation is a small YouTube channel about interpretation, how to do it and a general overview of this industry. On this channel, you can find both interviews and tips on how to find customers or expand your brand.

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Freelance Translator Tips is a YouTube channel that focuses on helping freelance translators with topics such as consulting, tips or tutorials. On this channel, you can find tutorials on how to edit, how to use computer-assisted translation tools or even how to benefit your brand. 

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Rafa Lombardino y Translation Confessional is a video version of a podcast in which the translator explores aspects of a translation career that are not usually talked about: the problems, the time invested to continue learning and improving, the bad and good times as well as the good aspects of this profession. 

Discover translation terminology and tools in educational videos entirely in English.

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