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ATRAE, the Spanish Association of Audio-visual Translation and Adaptation, safeguards the interests of audio-visual translators, editors and audio descriptors in Spain. They offer training courses as well as organizing and participating in events and talks that they subsequently publish on their YouTube channel, along with their awards and communiqués.

The Translation Show is a YouTube channel by Rafael López Sánchez and Damián Santilli, in which you can find news and interviews about translation. From tutorials and playlists on translation tools to interviews with audio-visual or comic translators. 

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Trágora formación is a professional translation and interpreting school offering courses for translators, interpreters, broadcasters, proofreaders and linguistic professionals. On their YouTube channel, you can find free webinars, videos with tips for specialized translation, localization and subtitling, as well as a playlist of talks. 

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Traduversia is a training platform with online translation courses, workshops and activities. Among the audio-visual content, you can find videos on translation tips, memorable translations, videos about audio-visual translation, resources and tools.

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Judit Translates is a video blog about an audio-visual translator and video game localiser. Among her videos you can find tips on how to translate, answers to translation career doubts and even a video about what a day in the life of a freelance translator is like.

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Laura Traducción is another video blog in which Laura shows us interviews with some of her colleagues who comment on their experiences and give advice about the specialization of the interviewee.

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