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Here you can find a list of the most sought-after resources when it comes to legal Spanish terminology. Below we recommend a series of monolingual dictionaries to help you with your legal translations. 

The pan-Hispanic dictionary of legal Spanish belongs to the network of dictionaries of the Royal Spanish Academe (RAE) and is a monolingual dictionary. You can access this dictionary through RAE’s website and you will find a search bar where you can write the term you have doubts about. On the right, you also have two options to choose how you prefer the results to be displayed.

The viewing by topics will show you only the meanings of the term you are looking for that are in the pan-Hispanic dictionary of legal Spanish. On the other hand, if you use the option to show all the content you will be able to see each topic in the dictionary with its corresponding definition. 

Follow this link to the pan-Hispanic dictionary of legal Spanish:


The enciclopedia juridica is a much more manual but no less complete term search resource. Just like a classic dictionary, you will find an alphabetical index where you select the initial of the term you wish to look for. The greatest advantage this online legal encyclopaedia offers is an abundance of terms both in Spanish as well as Latin meanings and expressions used in the legal field. Currently, the 2020 version is in the process of being updated, but it is still accessible. 

Follow this link to the enciclopedia juridica:


Lenguajejurí offers a legal dictionary with clear, precise and rigorous definitions on the most used legal terms in daily life and business. In this legal dictionary, you can search for a term either alphabetically or by the legal domain to which it belongs. As part of each definition, you will find practical examples and academic explanations about the correct use of the term. 

Follow this link for the legal dictionary of ellenguajejurí


Finally, we have UNED’s dictionary of law, completely public and free. Just like enciclopedia juridica, you will find a more manual way of searching for definition. In the alphabetical index, you can also filter by the topic to which the term belongs.

Follow this link for UNED’s legal dictionary:

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