Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Contracts

Is it necessary for me to sign the contract?

Yes, this contract is a requirement. If you are unable to sign the contract for whatever reason then unfortunately we will not be able to work together.

Please make sure to fill in all of the spaces in the contract and not leave any in blank.

As this is a legal document you should not cross anything out, so please try to avoid this.

The contract must be signed by you on every page.

If there is any part of the contract that is not clear or you have any questions, you please see the information below. If you still have any queries, you can get in touch with who will be able to give you a hand.

Do I have to sign and send back the contract before starting work on the platform?

Technically, you only need to have filled in the contract and sent it back before invoicing us, not before starting work. However, it is always preferable to send it back, along with the supporting documents it mentions, before you start working on the platform. This way we know that all the administration is in order.

If this is not possible, we always recommend reading the contract carefully before starting work to make sure you are able to provide us with the required supporting documents and the scanned contract itself before the end of the month you first want to invoice for.

Without the contract and the required supporting documents we will not be able to process your invoice, so it is in your best interest to get these to us as soon as possible and to ask about anything that is not clear to you before you start translating.

Do you have any version of the contract for companies not individuals?

Yes, if you will be invoicing as a company and not as a self-employed individual, please get in touch with who will be able to provide you with a version of the contract that is more adapted to companies.

Where should I put the date on the contract?

Please put the date in section one, under the title ‘Place and Date’. We have already put the place (Valencia, where our head office is located), so you only need to fill in the date next to this.

I work in several language combinations; do I need to fill in a separate contract for each?

No, it is not necessary to fill out more than one version of the contract. You can put all your language combinations in the same contract.

Do I need to fill in both the English and the Spanish version of the contract?

No, it is only necessary to fill in one version of the contract. We make this document available in both languages because English is the most universal among our freelance team but we are based in Spain, meaning we use both languages as our ‘BigTranslation official languages’.

I have no way of scanning my documentation, can I send a photo of it instead?

Often, we are unable to accept photos of official documents because we need the file to be in PDF or Word format. In addition, we need only the document itself to appear in the photo (nothing else in the background, like the surface it is placed on) and it to be fully legible (not from a distance). If you are able to take the photo in this way and then convert it to PDF or Word then it should not be a problem!

If you are not able to convert your photo to this kind of file format then will we need you to send us a scanned copy. If you don’t have a scanner, don’t worry, these days there are even mobile apps that allow you to scan and send copies.

Can I get a copy of the contract back once it’s signed by the representative of the company?

Yes, that is absolutely fine. We will get this signed copy back to you as soon as possible. If you have not received this, please do not hesitate to contact who will be able to help you with this issue.

I do not need to be registered as self-employed according to the legislation in the country where I am established. How can I work with you, in this case?

We know that the legal requirements for working freelance vary from country to country, and it may not be necessary for your to be registered as self-employed, according to your circumstances. If this is true of your country and this is outlined in any kind of regulation that you can send to us, this should be sufficient for us to continue our collaboration and accept your invoices. In these cases, we will also need a copy of your official ID document.

Is it possible to modify the terms of the contract?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to modify the terms of the contract. If you are unable to sign the existing contract, unfortunately we will not be able to work together. We work with all translators on equal terms.

Please note:

This contract has been updated as of May 2017. Most of our collaborators will have signed a previous version and will now need to send us this update. We ask you to take your time to read all of the information carefully and to get in touch with if you have any questions.

We will also require a photocopy of the documentation specified in the contract or the relevant accrediting documentation from the country in which you are established. Our Administration Department will be happy to advise you about this if you are in any doubt.

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