Jan Jug, professional Slovenian translator

A love of languages

My name is Jan Jug and I fell in love with languages really early on in my childhood years. That relentless devotion to linguistics brought me to this day, where I am proficient in several languages including English & Slovak, Slovenian being my mother tongue.

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Raquel Hurtado, native Spanish translator

A multicultural upbringing

I have always lived in Barcelona, but my parents’ will to make a world citizen out of me, had a large impact on my love for languages. I started learning English, French and German when I was just a child, and a strong friendship was the perfect guide to Italian. There is still room for more knowledge, there always is. When it comes to words, cultures and communication, I just can’t get enough.

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Laura Dixon, native English Translator

My name is Laura.  I’ve always loved languages.  From the day I started learning Spanish at school, I knew I wanted to work in this field.  I studied Spanish and Human Resource Management at the University of Leeds, falling in love with Spain and all things Spanish, especially when I spent my Erasmus year in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid. After graduating I was lucky enough to qualify and work as a teacher of English as a foreign language in Palma de Mallorca.

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Translation for media and blogs: all you need to know

The arrival of the Internet has marked a turning point for the media, and they have had to adapt to a completely new reality.

It is true to say that this change has brought with it some disadvantages, but it has also brought good things. In contrast to the times of printed news, today the media can reach people anywhere in the world and, if their content is translated into various languages, then so much the better. Read more “Translation for media and blogs: all you need to know”

Fashion translation, everything you need to know

Fashion despite being known as “a universal language” is a sector that, just like many others, needs translation to exist. The reasons and aims of translating within the fashion industry are very varied, but it is easy to get an idea when you try to understand the way fashion travels around the world.

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Translation for tourism: The definitive guide

In the tourism sector, translation is a basic need, and the companies that operate in this area know that only too well. Whether they’re hotels, travel agencies or any other kind of business related to tourism, these companies want to reach the highest possible number of people, in as many countries as they can. And how can you reach them, unless you speak their language?

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Vladimir Trkovnik, professional Croatian translator


My name is Vladimir Trkovnik and I have been enjoying myself in this amazing world of translation for over 18 years now.

I am professional native Croatian translator with proficiency in English, Italian and German.

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