Get ready for the most online Black Friday in history

Black Friday 2020 is fast approaching and it’s looking like this Black Friday will be characterised by even more online activity than last year. The expectation is that the usual crowds of people filling the shops will be replaced by an avalanche of clicks. One of the main factors behind this prediction is the experience of lockdown and the safety measures still in place.

Ecommerce businesses are now faced with a new type of consumer. A consumer who has learnt to trust online platforms and shop from the comfort of their own home. In 2019, there was an estimated 17% increase in spending per user, compared to the previous year. This year, an increase of 20% is predicted in comparison with last year, mainly in online purchases.

Black Friday is also considered to be a good indicator for Christmas shopping habits. The behaviour of users, trends and preferences will be taken into account in the decision-making for the subsequent Christmas campaign.

How is the landscape going to change this year?

The restrictions on movement and safety measures in place will play an important role in purchases from physical shops. Crowded spaces and queues at the checkouts will be replaced with limited capacities and waiting in line at the door.

Although most brands have still not confirmed their discounts for this year, turning Black Friday itself into ‘Black Week’ has become customary.

In addition, the post-lockdown shopper is the evolution of the consumer who previously had doubts about shopping online or preferred to go directly to the shop, before buying their mobile phone or computer. Thanks to large platforms like Amazon or Aliexpress, this user is now more conscious that their devices are portals to everything they need. They have got used to using them during lockdown from the comfort of their home and received items in the following days without having to go out. This consumer now prefers not to wait in line. To comply with the limited capacity in shops, they spend more time comparing the brands on offer, the security of online portals, and the prices of items. This is because at home there is no need to worry about keeping a safe distance, or waiting to be able to see what a shop has to offer. It’s a convenient and comfortable way to shop. As such, it’s the perfect time to stand out as a brand, now that users have become more flexible and willing to compare. 

Time is your greatest ally

Preparing for this date in advance is crucial. If a monolingual ecommerce is going to achieve positive results on this date, a multilingual ecommerce represents even more of an opportunity to achieve the best profits of the year. But to do so, the necessary trust to retain a user on their website and accompany them during their purchase must be created. 

A user will look at the reliability of the website’s support, the returns policy, the delivery times, etc. If the user service fails because of a poor quality text, the ecommerce may lose potential customers during the most important event of the year.

The quality of the text in each language is what is going to guide the user around the website and will influence the user’s decision whether to complete the purchase or, on the contrary, distrust the brand and abandon the website. A multilingual ecommerce has a greater number of customers per market.

At BigTranslation we want you to get a head start on the most important day of the year and help you in the internationalisation of your ecommerce.  We want you to take a step forward. Get your potential customers to trust your website, whatever language they speak. Communicate with them like a true native.                 


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