More than 80 % of our team are women

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we wanted to share a more human and personal side of our team.

Who has inspired us? Who are our idols?

What is it like working in a team where more than 80% of us are women?

Let us explain…


Lumi Pérez, Project manager

For me, an inspirational working woman is someone who looks out for others, for the good of their colleagues and who is always willing to help and fight for the rights of their staff.

An ideal team dynamic is one where tasks are shared out equally among everyone, without giving more or less prominence to one person just because they are a man or woman, and that’s what we do at Big Translation. Everyone in our team is equally important and that’s why the flow in our team-working dynamics is productive.
The presence of women in management positions and women setting up their own companies is important, and has a positive impact, since this would break the glass ceiling that still exists today which prevents women from reaching the top positions.


Adela Ferenczik, Key Account Manager


My inspiration in terms of a female figure is, of course, my mum. Despite the Communist era (in Romania), she showed her courage in putting an end to domestic violence, being left with two girls aged 2 and 4, and working hard each day to keep going forward. A famous woman that marked my childhood is Nadia Comaneci: the first perfect 10 in history, achieved with a lot of hard work, consistency and perseverance – values I humbly try to apply to all areas of my life.
My work team is mostly made up of women and I believe that this helps us to understand each other better and to work in a creative setting where we are always learning something new.
Despite the differences on a physiological level, I firmly believe in equality between men and women, which is the foundation of a healthy society. I believe that senior positions should be reached by both sexes through hard work and by demonstrating the qualities that are required to carry out those jobs, regardless of the job applicant’s gender. But, if anyone is still in doubt today about whether a woman would make a good leader, they just need to think of Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde, Kamala Harris or Ana Botín, among many others.


María José Esparcia, Business Developer

I have been lucky enough to grow up surrounded by working women, mothers and excellent people. On a personal level, my idols have and always will be my mother and my grandmothers. Women that lived through a war and post-war period, who brought up their children without wanting for much and with the strength of working each day without a break and always with a smile on their faces. Faced with this, the fighting spirit and sacrifice of my female idols far exceeds any modern day heroine. In general, the role of any woman who fights or has fought to improve any aspect for the sake of humanity and development, are worthy of my full admiration.

I love working with brainstorming, group techniques…and I really enjoy workshops. I think they create a perfect environment, highly motivating for the development and improvement of various initiatives and actions, both professionally and personally.

In my professional experience, I have mainly been in working environments which have been led by women: managers of banking offices, managers of public institutions, directors/CEOs of small and medium sized businesses, etc. As a common characteristic for them all, I would highlight their tenacity, perseverance and high degree of emotional intelligence with which they perform their leadership positions, without hierarchies and with maximum commitment to all areas. These are values that I understand to be common to any gender but which, in my opinion, give feminine leadership a competitive advantage.


Andrea Bazán, Project Manager

Throughout my life I have admired various women that have had a significant impact on me. Thanks to Nichelle Nichols, I was motivated to study translation; Jane Goodall inspired me with her love of animals. The list is endless…

But the two most important women are my mother and my sister. Through their example and their support they have shown me that few things are ‘impossible’ if I give them my all. They have taught me to value my work and my actions. I am very fortunate that the women in my life have been such good examples of self-improvement and understanding, and they don’t expect any less of me.

In our team we are all equals, we support each other and we make our working environment unique, something I have never experienced in any other company.

Our team consists of extremely capable professionals who recognise the skills and values of each of their colleagues. Supporting whoever needs it, team spirit takes on a new meaning at BigTranslation.

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