Winning customers’ hearts on the most digital Valentine’s Day to date

Valentine’s Day, a key date on the e-commerce calendar, is fast approaching. What’s more, it’s set to play by a new set of rules this year. In 2020, both tourism and high street sales were affected by the lockdown and the safety measures against COVID-19. However, this didn’t affect Valentine’s Day as the measures were not generally adopted until the beginning of March.

The 14th February 2021 comes with a new dynamic and, although you’ve likely already launched sales, Black Friday campaigns and different promotions using strategies that are 100% online, this day is different.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), an increase of 21% in spending on Valentine’s Day purchases is predicted this year in the American market, with an upward trend in card purchases, chocolates and flowers for family, friends or work colleagues. But the highest percentage of spending, inevitably, goes on gifts for partners or spouses.

In the European market, the country with the highest spending for this day is Spain, where the average purchase reached €122 last year. The stars of the show were once again flowers, perfumes and jewellery. It is also worth highlighting experience packages as a Valentine’s gift. Last year, the average spent on this type of service ranged from €200 to €300. In 2021, with the current lockdown and safety measures in place, which differ from country to country, should we expect a turnaround from sales of experiences to products?

It may be that many consumers opt to give something tangible and more ‘immediate’, rather than a service that might be restricted because of the current situation. 

If, we called last Black Friday «the most digital Black Friday in history», the same will be true of this Valentine’s Day. If you want to make the most of your sales on this date, check out some of our handy tips below:

Count down to the big day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just the 24 hours of the 14th February. The campaign for this day starts weeks before. Many brands have opted for advance discounts or a countdown to stimulate the consumer rush.

Romantic language

For this campaign, use appropriate vocabulary in order to sell and translate into each language of your targeted campaigns. As regards terminology, a poor decision in the way you approach your audience can shatter the illusion of romance and the importance of this day.

Make sure your website properly accompanies the user during the purchase

To prevent the user leaving your website from the catalogue without deciding on an item, or to avoid the dreaded ‘abandoned shopping cart’, your website should be user-friendly. From the appearance of pop-ups or notifications that complement the user’s activity, rather than interfering with it, to native language level communication in all of your target markets.

There is no doubt that this is a fantastic opportunity to register an increase in sales, something that all e-commerce will want to take advantage of. Prepare your markets for this great day and follow these tips to optimise your strategy.

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