Jan Jug, professional Slovenian translator

A love of languages

My name is Jan Jug and I fell in love with languages really early on in my childhood years. That relentless devotion to linguistics brought me to this day, where I am proficient in several languages including English & Slovak, Slovenian being my mother tongue.

Early background: training and education

My first connection and admiration to all things written came from weekly visits to the cinema and regular reading of classics in my teenage years. The cinephile in me is still very much present and that is the main reason I dabbled in the art of subtitling about a year ago,
where I’m still striving to perfect this fun, yet complex craft.

Having topped all language courses at high school, I applied to a renowned Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana with double major courses of Slovak & Japanese. During that time I accumulated lots of experience with translating, copywriting and proofreading lots of technical texts via student, PR articles for magazines and other fields of terminology via student work, which were all my lifelong hobbies and which I still hone to this day.

While focusing on both my chosen foreign languages, I never neglected to improve my English skills. In 2017 I confirmed my English prowess by passing the Cambridge Proficiency English certificate, issued by Cambridge University, UK, with flying colours.

I have also enrolled in several national translation competitions of Slavic literature and always entered the podium.

Further training and education in the translation business came through attending translation workshops via the JSKD national culture organisation, which resulted in several published short novels, poems, etc. My most recent endeavour was translating a hilarious and witty cult Slovak novel, which is in the long process of publishing at the moment.

Even though my passion for literature remains to this day, I have simultaneously enriched my technical lexic, especially in electronics, music, IT, automotive, apps, film and other technical fields. Being a musician, technical geek, audio engineer and avid reader for decades has helped me a lot in my translation specialties. All of this made me start to finally fulfil my teenage dream of having my own translation company and I took the plunge about a year ago, which brings us to my collaboration with BigTranslation.

Collaboration with BigTranslation

I found BigTranslation on the web during one of my diligent searches for potential clients and I immediately liked their homepage and professionalism. After I successfully joined their team of translators, I was directed to their platform, which I still think is one of the most intuitive and easiest systems to work with in this business. Their PMs are also really responsive and friendly if you ever come across a hindrance, and the financial aspect and your finished projects are very transparent.

I have been translating English, Slovak and Slovene with all their mutual combinations for about a year now for BigTranslation, and hopefully this collaboration will last a long time, with me adding a new language pair soon.

Future goals

Recently, I’ve been specialising in finance and insurance texts a lot, while doing regular technical translating for esteemed companies from the US, UK and across whole of the EU.  My goals for the future include expanding my collaboration to the Asian market, adding new language pairs with Japanese, promoting my company domestically and landing grand projects in the field of subtitling, whilst upgrading my lingo prowess on a daily basis.

My motto

Remember; eloquence is paramount!

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