Raquel Hurtado, native Spanish translator

A multicultural upbringing

I have always lived in Barcelona, but my parents’ will to make a world citizen out of me, had a large impact on my love for languages. I started learning English, French and German when I was just a child, and a strong friendship was the perfect guide to Italian. There is still room for more knowledge, there always is. When it comes to words, cultures and communication, I just can’t get enough.

Now (35),  as a mum of two, I see how important it is to prevent a child from having communication or cultural barriers. It is not just how you speak or read, it is how you express yourself, and how you face new challenges. Languages help to open borders, hearts and minds.

Why I love working in translation

Every new project is a surprise and an opportunity. Every single collaboration is the key to learning even more, to expanding my fields of expertise and to providing the best service.

Meeting the clients’ requirements, dealing with deadlines and unexpected handicaps, getting familiar with CAT tools and managing my time in the best possible way are part of a long-distance race, I will never get tired of.

Collaboration with BigTranslation

Besides my inner experience, I have had the chance to meet an agency that shares my vision. BigTranslation’s human team reaches out through my screen every time I need assistance or come across a difficulty. You can feel their love for languages and for excellence. Their self-managed platform reflects this spirit, it’s user-friendly and practical.
I hope this collaboration lasts a lifetime. Going hand in hand with Big Translation makes me feel even more confident, determined and safe.

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