Should I translate my corporate blog?


Corporate blogs have become an integral part of any marketing strategy in a world where an internet presence has become crucial to success. The only problem is, with so many battling for a piece of the pie, the internet has become glutted with banal, dull content, with one article linking to yet another and without anything particularly interesting to say. With the advent of SEO sensitive content, the unfortunate by-product has been words for the sake of words, and the more the better. Content is produced simply to insert key-words which will hopefully show up high on google rankings.

While this may be an important and these days, even vital activity, it can certainly result in a lot of boring online reading material. So this reality, combined with the fact that corporate promotional materials do not exactly make for a scintillating read in them themselves, can present a bit of a problem. That’s the bad news. But the great news for you as a budding entrepreneur or perhaps the owner or manager of a business, is that it won’t take much to stand out from the crowd. If you’re able to come up with well-written and genuinely interesting and/or useful material for your corporate blogs and articles, then you could really make an impression.

We could go on at some length about what comprises a good writer or interesting content, but it could be summed as follows: having something to say. More good news here, entrepreneurs and business owners often do have plenty to say and a ton of passion about what they do. So some of this natural enthusiasm channelled into your written blog and articles can go a long way, whether it be personal anecdotes relating to your business, plans for the future or simply observations and thoughts about the world we live in. Of course, we will still need to cleverly weave in some keywords and SEO sensitive content, as I just did myself! But hopefully this will not detract from the creation of authentic and interesting content which readers will actually enjoy.

So assuming you have generated some good content that you can be proud of and which is doing its job of attracting potential clients to your site, what next? Well you might look at different ways to get this content seen and linked to from around the web, and as part of that you could get it translated into multiple languages. This could potentially open up a whole word of possibilities, literally. You would naturally be selective in which languages you chose, as they relate to possible target markets and so forth and in some cases you might choose quite a few.


Here at BIG TRANSLATION we specialise in converting web content, your blog for example, into multiple languages to give your business its best shot at expansion on a worldwide basis. We know how it important it is that translations do not read a translations. They should always come across as originally written pieces without the tell-tale signs of awkwardness, off phrasing and inappropriate cultural references. This is where our team of international translators comes in, who only ever write in their native language. They will be sure to take the essential message of your blog, and where possible preserve specific wordings and humour, but always with an eye to authenticity in the target language. Not only that, but we will work the all important SEO sensitive key words into your blog, and those that specifically work in the target language.

So yes, getting your blog translated with BIG TRANSLATION could be a great idea and your next important step in building your business.

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