Quality translation and innovation. Is it possible?

At BigTranslation we work extremely hard to find the perfect synergy between technology and the quality of human translation.

On the one hand is the instant quote system, which is easy and immediate for the user. It analyses and costs the translation project so that it can then be placed on our translation platform, with its own intelligent system, so it can only be accessed only by the required specialist translators. On the other hand is the arduous work of more than 16,000 native linguists who are registered on our database and who have continuous access to the platform. They include: translators, proofreaders, subtitlers and specialist linguists in numerous fields from website translation and e-commerce to medical and technical translation.

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Women who have made literary history

This 8th of March is International Women’s day and to celebrate this day, at BigTranslation we want to share the history of some of these authors who, with the passage of time, have left their mark in both prose and in verse. 

A number of them are known through their professions as journalists, translators or artists, and others because of their dedication to the literary genre. You will undoubtedly know some of their names, but if you don’t, we’re delighted to introduce you to them.

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