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My name is Vladimir Trkovnik and I have been enjoying myself in this amazing world of translation for over 18 years now.

I am professional native Croatian translator with proficiency in English, Italian and German.

Extensive experience

I have accumulated huge experience thanks to 20 years of working in middle and top management positions in international market oriented companies. Such accumulated experience has been accompanied with perfectly balanced mix of in-house and freelance translation of a truly vast range of fields and topics covered.

This strong practical business background is also backed up by strong academic degree. I hold the degree Master of Economics in international business and commerce.

Project types

In my career, I have translated many projects (some of them with volume of 100,000 words or more); from various business contracts, financial reports, presentations, catalogues, investment studies, tender documentation to educational materials and documents related to work safety, ecology and environmental issues, renewable energy sources, paper industry, IT industry, food and drink industry, steel industry, instruction manuals etc.

Language skills

  • My English skills are exceptional verified by two Cambridge English Certificates. Also, in 1987, I graduated from Joliet West High School, Illinois, USA. During the time spent in the U.S. I lived with an American family.
  • My Italian skills are exceptional as well. I have lived in Italy for one year and during that time stayed and lived with an Italian family. For seven years, I have been working as brand and product manager for the Italian brand Fabriano and Epson (Epson Italy was responsible for the Croatian market). Also, I worked in Italy for several months in Fabriano headquarters for the purpose of business training.
  • German language experience. A very intensive ongoing freelance cooperation (for the last four years) with several companies and agencies/their clients oriented towards the Croatian market (from Austria and Germany).

Translation and marketing, the perfect combo

Besides passion for languages, I have one more passion – marketing.

The presentation of a product, sending the right message to the target audience, winning attention and creating the interest has always been one of the centres of my interests.

For that reason, marketing translations are among my favourite translations for they enable a certain reasonable level of ‘artistic freedom’, also giving me the opportunities to research, learn new things and especially to ‘create music’ adapted to and synchronized with target language, culture, buying habits, expectations and preferences of consumers speaking target language. It is creating words that make an impact.

Collaboration with BigTranslation

I have been working with BigTranslation for more than two years, and love everything about this cooperation. The concept is great; I dictate my own pace and workload and the whole staff has been giving me an amazing support and assistance.

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