HERSEN Mechanical Engineering for Stone – Marble Machines and More!


BigTranslation recently teamed up with Hersen to help them on their quest to internationalise their business. So, how did we do this? Well, considering the markets they want to expand into, this involved translating their website from Spanish into English. We only work with native translators specialised in the field that the translation is for.

In addition, when a translator takes on this kind of project, they always familiarise themselves with the client’s website and any other promotional materials, in order to get a feel for the business in question, their products and the overall marketing style.

With HERSEN, for example, we assigned their translation to an experienced translator with a background in this field. This meant that it would be possible to carry out the best translation possible. The translator also resides permanently in the UK. This winning combination of cultural and sector-specific knowledge ensures the text is localised with authentic British English construction lingo, optimising its effectiveness for the target audience.

Marble Machines

In translations of this type, the main challenge is finding the correct specialised vocabulary that applies to the field in question, in this case heavy industrial equipment, especially for the handling and cutting of stone. An important part of Hersen’s product range is the various different of types marble machines. They stock an impressive range of their own branded modern industrial equipment, dealing with every aspect of working with stone at an industrial level. They also work with vehicles for transporting large stone slabs and sheets, including tow trucks and heavy-duty trailers, various stone cutting machines, cranes, cleaning and processing machines, as well as different pieces of auxiliary gear for waste disposal.

As is often the case with translations of this nature, when the nomenclature is quite particular to a specific field, it can be tricky to find the exact words to use when translating from the source language. In this case for example, there is no dictionary especially written for those translating material about marble machines from Spanish into English! However, there are a few tricks that professional translators use to get around such problems.

Bridge Cutting Machines

For instance, the term ‘bridge cutting machines’ is used to describe a certain cutting machine which appears on the Hersen website. With such a specific piece of machinery, it is necessary to utilise some photographic references and similar UK websites to ensure the right term is used.

Once the correct translation for specific terminology is found, all that’s left is to check that the rest of the translation is flawless, refine the style, et voilà! The result is a great translation that has achieved the company’s aim of increasing international sales and its visibility in new markets.

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