Can I get my corporate blog translated?

These days a corporate blog is a widely-used means of generating quality content of interest to our target audience. Blogs contain keywords of popular Google searches and can be about pretty much any topic under the sun. The trick is that they be an interesting read in their own right, thereby attracting the type of potential customers that we want (in the case of a business), but also that they appear high in search-engine rankings by virtue of the use of keywords.

Posting well-written and keyword-sensitive blogs on a corporate website can be a very effective means of generating traffic. That presupposes the collaboration of a good writer and search engine optimisation specialist, so that the material is actually interesting and a good read for those who are into that particular topic, while at the same time being reachable by reason of the high ranking. Being buried away somewhere in a distant corner of the internet is of course what we don’t want.

Assuming we have well-written blogs already up there and doing their job for a corporate website, drawing in potential customers, what else can we do to maximise traffic? One answer is to get our blogs translated into different languages and work to open up markets in different countries. It stands to reason that the potential customers of the same products and services do not only speak one language. For instance if we take the example of Spanish speakers, we are talking about a potential market of well over 400 million people, when one factors in all of Spain and South and Central America.

Getting my corporate blog translated

So yes, having a corporate blog translated into foreign languages has tremendous potential as a marketing strategy, if it is done well. Here at BigTranslation translation agency we specialise in translating marketing materials of all kinds, including corporate blogs, websites. Your blog, if translated, needs to communicate the essential message of the original, contain the same basic content, but very importantly, contain accurately translated keywords that will work in the target language. For this reason this job should be done by specialists in the field. It is essential that the key words are not simply direct translations but that they really are frequently used keywords in that language.

Of course, all of this implies creating an entire range of content in the language used by the target market, not only blogs. Naturally, full websites and a range of promotional materials would be needed as in any marketing campaign. But at the core of all this you’ll need quality keyword-sensitive content in the form of articles and blogs. So we suggest that getting blogs translated to work on new markets all around the world is a great place to start in your bid to expand your business.

We already mentioned Spanish with its huge potential market, but what about Portuguese? While Portugal itself may be tiny, Brazil is vast! With a population of over 200 million and a booming economy it makes a lot of sense to include translating your blog into both Spanish and Portuguese as part of your marketing strategy (depending on the nature of your business).

Trust only professional content translation services

At BigTranslation our team of native translators can get the job done, in a range of important languages. We are experts in translating content not only accurately but also authentically, which is highly important. All our translators are native speakers in the target language so your blog will never come across as a translation, with all the awkward phrasing we come to expect of such material, but as an original piece. We can also take care of the rest of the materials you will need, such as websites, promotional materials and so on. So the answer to the question “can I get my blog translated?”, is a resounding yes!

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