Using an Interpreter: the key to success at trade fairs and international conferences

Just imagine the scene: Your company has rented a space at an important international trade fair, sent you and a colleague there at great expense, set up a beautiful stand, prepared all the publicity material and samples that you could possibly need… and there you stand, at the last second, struggling with your schoolboy German, and realising that you have forgotten the one thing that could really have made a difference: a professional interpreter.

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Why you should subtitle your corporate video

In the past, marketing was understood to mean placing adverts newspapers, magazines, radio/tv, on billboards or flyers. In the past few decades things have changed radically, and the company that wishes to compete on today’s market must be digitally literate. If they want to continue or expand into the international market, that means using all of the new technologies and social media to their advantage.

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The easiest and most difficult languages to translate

As English speakers we are really spoilt, as pretty much the whole world is trying to learn English, and where large parts of the world have not yet fully succeeded in the endeavour, they are well on the way. So this takes the pressure off as native English speakers, which might be seen as a good thing.

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How does a translation company work?

The translation business is growing daily due to the importance of having an internet presence, and the need to communicate your message to as wide an audience as possible to remain competitive. There are many different types of translation agencies and companies around, ranging from lone “friends of friends” who can help out at a pinch, to large, international companies with professional translators available at the click of a mouse.

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SEO strategies that you must learn about

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is an internet marketing strategy which uses search engines and affects the process through which it increases a web page’s visibility on the results of the search engine. Meaning that a website or a web page will appear higher on the search results of a search engine (like Google or Yahoo).

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Translating Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

We can understand what translation is, and everybody knows what is meant by marketing. But what about content marketing? What is the difference between this and plain marketing? According to the Content Marketing InstituteContent marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

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How a poor translation can mean bad business for restaurant owners

Look up “translation fails” on the internet, and you’ll immediately see why this is always good for a laugh. There are so many hilarious, unintentional bloopers out there that it’s a bit difficult to digest them all, and you certainly wouldn’t want to eat in a restaurant that serves these mistakes!

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Can I get my corporate blog translated?

These days a corporate blog is a widely-used means of generating quality content of interest to our target audience. Blogs contain keywords of popular Google searches and can be about pretty much any topic under the sun. The trick is that they be an interesting read in their own right, thereby attracting the type of potential customers that we want (in the case of a business), but also that they appear high in search-engine rankings by virtue of the use of keywords.

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