What do an instruction manual, the text on packaging and an online ads campaign have in common?

They are all texts that will be in contact with your customer this Christmas, and there’s no better time to boost your sales. If you want to expand into new markets, the first thing you should consider is translation. Your customers taking the initiative when they see an advert or trusting in your product or brand, starts with a well translated text.

There is no one like a native translator to carry out this task. A professional who can identify the intent of the text, the keywords and the final purpose of the text.

The translation of your ads will be the online window display of your e-commerce. Connect with your audience in Spanish, German, French, Dutch, or any other language, as well as you do in English. At this frantic time of year, your e-commerce’s sales can skyrocket if you don’t limit yourself to just one country. Do it with your Facebook, Instagram and Amazon campaigns, and do it with native and specialist translators.

Leave a good impression etched in your customers’ minds with a well translated product which is appropriate for the target language and culture. Don’t fall into the trap of using machine translation or non-native translators. The same happens with the text on the packaging of your products and operating or instruction manuals.

Or, if what you’re selling is a service or event and you don’t just want to reach users who are native to your country, but also tourists from different countries who may attend your event or venue, translation is your biggest ally! Target your potential customers, no matter where they’re from. Everyone will find out about your events and services. Make yourself known at international level.

You’re still in time extend your reach this Christmas! Get your business ready for this special time of year without incurring a large expense. 

BigTranslation offers you these translation services at very competitive rates. In addition, you’ll be able to make a return on your investment throughout your entire campaign!

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